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Oh, I’m disappointed for you! But, you love it and understand it’s value as my MOST EVER, EVER EVER favorite painting. Have thought more about my childhood with Bill in this last ten days than I have in the last 30 years.

Sometimes when it was stormy or cold in the house he’d pretend he didn’t know I had crept in his room and snuck under the covers to plaster myself against his big warm back. He smelled warm and clean and I could sleep soundly and safe with him. The next morning he’d act surprised to find me there and without a word tump me off and onto the the cold, rickety wood floor. Perhaps a grumble or two and dire warnings if he catches me there again! I dared not push my luck too far so it was a rare occasion I’d weigh his wrath before I chose that path.

Our Moms sometimes failed on paying the electric or gas people so Bill and I looked forward to getting to school on those days. Afterward we’d go to that big Drugstore, Katz? We’d wait there till one of them would get off work and we’d have to go home. Usually it was only out a day or two. Memorable times. We’d go straight to bed and read comic books till it got too dark.

He’d tease me unmercifully if any boy so much nodded in my direction. All the typical things that siblings do. When we had our Saturday nights together and made that Jiffy popcorn in its own skillet I was sure to get the short shift. If it was my turn to do the popping I used the kind in a jar, poured it into the bacon grease filled skillet and I used a LOT!

He’d also make weird noises if we got a scary movie on those nights. Any little noise outside or a branch rubbing the roof would turn into a maniacal being trying to get in the house. He’d get up, climb the stairs with every single step creaking. His sound effects we perfect to scare the beJesus out of a little girl. Can still recall my heart thumping so fast I feared it would pop thru my chest!

Neither of us professed our true feelings about one another but we both felt to be more than cousins. Kinda like you and I. You’re more a favored niece than a 2nd cousin.

Am delighted that Father carried me through this most favorite painting joyfully and seamlessly. I am blessed to share these memories with you. They are a part of who I am today and I treasure each and every one of them. Your Dad made a difference and I loved him for that.

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