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At Gorilla Pro Customs, we pride ourselves in making our customers anything they can think of. Imagine the biggest, most beautiful thing you can, and we'll make it even better.

Our bricks can hold a lot more than just money. We have made bricks to hold watches, casino chips, cigars, diamonds, crypto wallets, key fobs, zippo lighters, and a variety of other items.

Fill out the custom order sheet, so we can start on your project right away.

Please specify what your budget is from the following: 

A. $500-2,000

B. $2,000-5,000

C. $5,000-10,000

D. $10,000+

Below is a chart showing different colors and textures that we can put on your item. You can use the letters and numbers to describe exactly what you are looking for (Ex: G10).



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